History of Regent Life Church

Our story begins with Bill and Leatha Williams. Bill and Leatha lived in Homer for many years, and raised their five children here. They saw the Lord moving in miraculous ways at Shekinah Fellowship in Homer between 1987 and 1998. While that season of revival passed, they kept praying to see God move like that again, with healings, prophetic words, and miracles. They carried the seed of promise in their hearts and longed to see the visitation turn into a habitation.

In 1988, Bill had a very powerful experience while he was driving a truck. In that encounter, God told him that he was called to be a pastor. Bill felt quite overwhelmed to think about this call, but he and Leatha hid this word in their hearts and waited to see what the Lord would do. In 2001, they moved to Anchorage and attended Victory Center, pastored by Eugene and Nancy Strickland. In September 2004, they felt a call to move back to Homer and start a work there. Eugene and Nancy blessed them and they were released to do a new work in Homer.

Bill and Leatha founded Haven Worship Center in 2004. Meetings were first held in their home, with just two couples: Bill and Leatha, and Bill’s nephew and his wife. They were gradually joined by others and began renting the Seventh Day Adventist building for Sunday services. They developed relationship with others who were looking for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, and a leadership team developed gradually through 2006‐2008. It was this time that Mark and Brenda and Lanny and Carol joined the small fellowship.

In summer of 2010, we began renting our own space in a building owned by Refuge Chapel on Pioneer Avenue. After several months of renovation, we started holding services there on October 21, and held a dedication service on Jan 23, 2011. Haven continued to grow as the Lord was confirming His word and bearing good fruit.

Early 2013 Bill began talking about retiring and turning the leadership over to his team. In March of 2014, Bill and Leatha announced their retirement and the family acknowledged and celebrated their unwavering courage, their pioneering spirits and the love they faithfully poured into all of us. Mark (and Brenda) Edens and Lanny (and Carol) Simpson have been co‐pastoring since September 2014.

We received many words through the fall about entering a new season and changes for our fellowship. Many young families were drawn to Haven, and the church body was infused with new life. We felt for months that the Lord wanted us to change our name to reflect a new focus. Leaders in the church fasted and prayed at the end of 2014 for a word from the Lord as to what this name should be, and what we heard was Regent Life Church. A regent is one selected to exercise the authority and rule of the king. Our desire is to impart life and to grow in walking in this life to see the culture of heaven established on the earth.